Monday, April 27, 2009

If You are Grieving

1) Find an outlet – find a grief support group, counselor, or a strong Christian (of the same gender) who has been through a similar situation
2) Exercise – walk or workout with a friend who will listen
3) Take care of yourself. The rest of your family will need you to.
4) GUARD YOUR MARRIAGE – husbands and wives grieve differently. Death of a child is #1 on divorce. I don’t say that to scare anyone but prepare you.
5) Don’t avoid help – let others help do the things that don’t matter – clean your house, prepare meals, etc.
6) Don’t get rid of stuff too soon – give your self time. Once you get rid of it you will never get it back. So, don’t hurry into the process.
7) You will make new traditions and that is okay.
8) People will say the dumbest things – be prepared and just understand that they don’t get it. Until you have lost a vibrant teenager, you don’t understand.
9) You will cry when you least expect it. A song on the radio or a shirt in a mall will remind you of the person. It is okay and good to cry.
10) Find a verse that you can cling to when the doubt, fear, and anger comes. For me it is Jeremiah 29:11
11) Don’t stop talking about the person you've lost. Keeping the memories alive is SO therapeutic
12) Journal – you will be able to use this later when you are ready to help others

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