Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guest Post: Helping Those Who Hurt

This is written by a mom who lost a teenage daughter from an accident. Written in her words, these are specific things that people did to bless her and her family.

1. Every year around the anniversary of our daughter's death, people send flowers to let us know they continue to think of us.

2. Also at this time, a co-worker continues to puts a card in my mailbox with a personal note telling me that they remember and are praying for us.

3. Emails from classmates of our daughter with encouraging words and letting us know that they haven’t forgotten her. This is one fear that we have. We don’t want her forgotten. We want people to talk about her.

4. Memorial Tear Necklace - This is a necklace that you can wear signifying a tear drop for your loved one. This was given to me by a very special family.

5. The first few months after the death of our daughter, my co-workers took turns contacting me weekly - either by a visit, phone call or a card in the mail to let me know they were thinking of us.

6. We got a letter from a complete stranger who had lost their son a few years before our daughter's accident. She just wanted to let us know that she felt our loss also. Many years later, I still receive notes from her.

7. One of my students from many, many years ago will call and visit during that “terrible” week. She just will ask “How are you doing”. How special!

8. Some of the most special gifts we received were trees or bushes for our yard. I give them extra tender loving care because I want them to last. Sadly to say that one this year isn’t going to make it.

9. Having death affect us so personally has taught me how to help others with their loss. I now write several people to help them after they have lost a child.

10. Even so many years later, my co-workers wrote me a note this year to let me know that they still care and miss my girl.

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