Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leaving the Right Words

Finding a family who doesn't have a blog or website will take some work. These days there are blogs about almost anything under the sun. But it is the blogs of families who are going through Interrupted Expectations that win my heart.

Right now, I am following a blog about a precious baby who is in the same CVICU that our son was in. Along with countless others, I check the blog several times a day to see how this family and Little Angel is doing.

We had a website while our son was in the CVICU. What a blessing it was to be able to update everyone immediately with a click of a button. But the real blessing came in the comments that we received from people. I remember one comment in particular - it was addressed to "Kidneys". It was a note telling our son's kidneys that it was time to start working. Another thing that I remember are the faces of various people who faithfully left comments. I don't remember what they wrote, I just remember THAT they wrote.

Here is my point: It really isn't about what you say. It is that you took the time to say it. You have no idea what it does to a family when they see 20 comments left on their blog. So, take the 30 seconds and love on a family who needs to feel your love.

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