Sunday, July 19, 2009


I attended a funeral last weekend for a precious baby who fought a good fight. But in the end, God called her home. Her job on earth was done.

It is incredibly overwhelming to see a tiny little white coffin in the front of the sanctuary. Truly, coffins aren't supposed to be that small.

One of the gentlemen who spoke was a father how recently buried his own infant son. He started out by saying that he and his wife along with this father and mother were in a club that they didn't want to be in. A club of couples who had to lay to rest their infant children. A tight club of parents who grieve together.

He went on to say "well done" to this couple. They fought hard for their precious little girl. They loved and cared for her through all the surgeries, tubes and wires. But their journey was not finished. The road ahead is tough. Grief is hard. Grief never fully ends.

Next, the speaker moved to the audience of friends and family. He congratulated this group for a job well done. Standing beside this family, the group rallied around them with love and encouragement. He went on to say that the job was not done though. Really the hardest part is ahead because grief is hard to help. He encouraged the family and friends to not give this family space but to continue encouraging and loving on this family.

Spoken from a father who has grieved.

After the service, we joined the family for supper. As soon as the mother of the baby came in to the room, her friend stepped in. She immediately fixed this weary Mommy a plate of food and drink. She didn't bother her with what she wanted just gave her some nourishment. This friend made sure that everything on the table was replenished. I was inspired watching her move about. She didn't hover over but was always within eye watch to make sure that this Mommy had what she needed.

Done by a friend who loves.

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