Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guest Post: Helping Those Who Are Grieving

Written by a grieving mother

Suggestions to help those who are hurting. What NOT to do:

1. Please don’t tell me to call you if I need anything. Make an effort to come and check on me. I confess that it is extremely hard to ask for help and so a hurting person will either do it themselves or it won't get done.

2. Please don’t take it personally when I cry. I would rather shed tears than to not have my child's name brought up. Read these poems - Poem 1, Poem 2

3. Please don’t tell me that I should get over it. For example, if I lost my arm, I wouldn't get over it. I would learn to live without it. I have to create a new "normal". Come along side me as I seek to find this "new normal".

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