Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guest Post: Notes from The Power of Encouragement #2

Encouragement is at the center of helping those who hurt. "Dr. David Jeremiah examines the heart of encouragement - self-giving, genuine love - and shows how we can eagerly use our hands, feet, eyes, and ears to love and encourage those around us."

Chapter 2:

During life's interrupted expectations, discouragement moves from doubt, to disappointment and even to despair. It is so hard not to be discouraged. One of the first emotions that you feel is doubt. You first thought it that what you just heard is simply a rumor. It couldn't be true.

Disappointment occurs because all your dreams, plans, etc have been shattered. Then there is despair and through this you lose all hope. When this happens we need to make sure we have an encounter with Jesus. This might mean getting in touch through His word, through a fellow believer, through worship, or through prayer. If your heart is burning because of despair you need Christ. Discouragement and despair can't take place in Christ's existence.

Follow along as we continue the book study of Power of Encouragement

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