Friday, July 31, 2009

Guest Post: Notes from The Power of Encouragement #6

Encouragement is at the center of helping those who hurt. "Dr. David Jeremiah examines the heart of encouragement - self-giving, genuine love - and shows how we can eagerly use our hands, feet, eyes, and ears to love and encourage those around us."

Chapter 6: The Write Way to Encourage

According to Dr. David Jeremiah there are five reasons that written communication is far more valuable than spoken communication.

1st: Written encouragement is deliberate. It demands a careful, prayerful, thoughtful investment of your time. When you receive a written note from someone you know they have taken the time to sit down and write to you on purpose. Especially in this world when everyone is so busy, the fact that they took the time to write is just as meaningful as the words that are written.

2nd: Written encouragement is definite. To many times we have good intentions, but that is where it stops. People will say things like, "Call me if you need something" "Let's get together sometime". They say much more than they actually mean. When you have that written note in your hand it means that another person cared enough about you not just to intend to encourage you but to actually do it. A plus to writing encouragement is that it can be done at anytime. The clock can not stop you from encouraging someone in writing.

3rd: Written encouragement is direct. In person we are afraid to say to people what is really on our heart. We don't want them to feel sad about the suffering they are feeling. Written communication gives us a chance to encourage, praise or build up without reservation.

4th: Written encouragement is durable. A written word can be kept for years. I have three of them I have on my dresser. They belong to my children and are notes that they gave me. I read and reread them all of the time. Nothing is ever sweeter than that.

5th: Written encouragement is distance-proof. This communication knows no boundary of time or geography. We can hear from people all over the world who you love and care for.

Your deliberate, definite, direct, durable and distance-proof words may be just what a hurting heart needs today.

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