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Guest Post: Notes from The Power of Encouragement 7

Encouragement is at the center of helping those who hurt. "Dr. David Jeremiah examines the heart of encouragement - self-giving, genuine love - and shows how we can eagerly use our hands, feet, eyes, and ears to love and encourage those around us."

Chapter 9: With Friends like these

Dr. David Jeremiah uses the book of Job for this chapter of his book. He looks at four principles we can get from the three friends of Job.

First principle: They responded to Job’s Words but Failed to Feel His Pain
If you read through the book of Job you soon learn that his friends really weren’t hearing what Job was saying. They responded to his words, not to him. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have told people that I am lonesome and don’t have enough to do. I have even offered to come over and help someone. They didn’t get it. I felt that by helping them I would get help also.

Second Principle: They refused to recognize suffering as a part of God’s Plan
Dr. David Jeremiah said that he couldn’t find one piece of evidence that Job’s three friends thought God’s plan could ever include suffering for the righteous. God was at work in Job’s life for good purposes in his life. As encouragers, we need to make sure that we ask God for wisdom and also for insight before we make judgments.

Third Principle: They related all of Job’s suffering to Sin in His Life
Encouragers need to be careful about making a distinction about sin and suffering that is clearly Biblical. "All suffering is due to sin, but not all individual experiences of suffering are due to individual guilt of sin." (pg 106) Job’s friends assumed that Job’s individual experience of suffering was due to his individual sin. How would you like to hear that when you are already suffering?????

Fourth Principle: They reacted by failing to see the uniqueness of Job’s suffering
Job’s friends didn’t know how to treat him as a person. There is no way you or anyone else can know exactly how an individual feels. There is no formula for each individual hurt. Listen to the Holy Spirit to know how God wants you to bless an individual.

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