Monday, August 31, 2009


I just received an email asking for prayer for a family who just lost their 20 year old daughter. Please join me:

Dear Jesus, my heart breaks for this family. The pain that they are experiencing right now if beyond anything that anyone should ever have to endure. I pray peace, comfort, and love on these parents, siblings, relatives, and friends. I ask that You would not allow satan to use this situation in anyway. Protect the marriage of all those around this situation. Protect them from others who would want to use this situation for personal gain. Lord, please send those people who have been in these circumstances to ministry to these people. I pray that they would feel the body of Christ surround them like never before - not just now but in the coming weeks, months, and year. Hold this family so close that they can actually feel you carrying them through.

In Jesus' name...

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