Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Using Adventures in Odyssey Episodes to Help with Grief

Adventures in Odyssey is a radio program presented by Focus on the Family. It has been a favorite of mine for over 20 years. "Created for children ages 8-12 (but loved by listeners of all ages), Adventures in Odyssey is a 30-minute drama that combines the faith lessons parents appreciate with characters and stories that kids love."

Several Adventure in Odyssey adventures hit the hard topic of grief and loss. These would be excellent resources for children and parents to listen to together. Adv. in Odyssey programs can be found on the radio, web, or by purchasing audio sets.

Greater Love - by Phil Lollar - 5007956 - A Time Of Discovery
Theme: Grief & Jesus' Love. At long last, Whit hears the full story of how Tom Riley's son died...from the young man who claims to be responsible. You'll be deeply touched by this story about the impact of sacrificial love.

Karen - by Phil Lollar - 5009447 - Heroes
Theme: God's comfort and promises in times of trouble. Donna Barclay discovers the importance of faith when her best friend becomes desperately ill from cancer. Through her joy and trust in God, Karen may teach her a very important lesson.

The Very Best of Friends - by Phil Lollar - 5009447 - On Thin Ice
Theme: God can turn our negative feelings into something wonderful if we let Him. Donna struggles with anger and bitterness after the death of her friend Karen.

...But Not Forgotten - by Phil Lollar - 5008045 - Wish You Were Here
Theme: Grief and loss. Eugene, Connie, & Tom are having a difficult time trying to keep Whit's End going since Whit's departure. When Jack Allen takes over Whit's End, Connie becomes upset because she feels Whit is being replaced. In this episode, Connie learns that change is necessary for growth and how to handle her feelings of loss.

Eggshells - by Marshal Younger - 5008110 - No Way Out
Theme: Grief. Connie returns from Washington D.C. after becoming "unengaged" with her former fiance, Mitch. Whit and Connie's other friends struggle to try to help her cope with the sudden loss. Alone with Whit, Connie shares how God helped her in Washington and that His love is much greater than her circumstances.

It is Well - by Phil Lollar - 5008105 - Flights of Imagination
Theme: We are able to withstand life's tragedies because of our faith and the strength we receive from God. Whit recounts the true story of the writer of the hymn "It is Well with My Soul," Horatio Spafford, a man of great faith in the midst tragedy.

Where is Thy Sting - by Phil Lollar - 5007864 - Risk And Rewards
Theme: For Christians, death can be a joyful experience. The death of Connie's grandmother highlights the joy of death for a Christian that her unbelieving father cannon share. The themes of prayers and forgiveness are also explored.

Forever. . .Amen - by Phil Lollar - On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Theme: Grief. A young man named Danny learns about death and eternity in a very unexpected way when his mother suffers a miscarriage.

Source: Focus on the Family "Helping Children Through Grief" and other favorites of mine.

PS - I listen to Adventures in Odyssey during most of my web and blog updates! :)

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