Thursday, September 24, 2009

Excerpt: Why Would a Good God Allow Suffering? 3

Excerpt from : Why Would a Good God Allow Suffering? (Discovery Series)

We can see that pain could be God's way to alert us that
1. Something is wrong with the world - sin
2. Something is wrong with God's creatures - As free creatures, people have made and will continue to make many bad choices in life. These bad choices often affect other people. For example: Cain and Abel, Saul who became Paul. Suffering can also be caused by Satan and Demons - Think of the story of Job.
3. Something is wrong with me - Job's friends mistakenly thought it was because of the sin in Job's life. Jesus' own disciples jumped to the wrong conclusion when they saw a blind man. With these cautions in mind, we need to deal with the hard truth that some suffering does come as a direct consequence of sin - either as corrective discipline from God for those He loves, or punitive action by God upon rebels in His universe.

Suffering has a way of showing how weak our own resources really are. It forces us to rethink priorities, values, goals, dreams, pleasures, the source of real strength, and our relationships with people and with God. It has a way of directing our attention to spiritual realities - if we don't turn from God instead.

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