Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Excerpt: Why Would a Good God Allow Suffering? 2

Excerpt from : Why Would a Good God Allow Suffering? (Discovery Series)

As I sit here thinking of all the suffering that my friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, and church family have experienced, I can hardly believe the length of the list - and my list is incomplete. So often these people have suffered through no apparent fault of their own. An accident, a birth defect, a genetic disorder, a miscarriage, an abusive parent, chronic pain, a rebellious child, a severe illness, random disease, the death of a spouse or a child, a broken relationship, a natural disaster. It just doesn't seem fair. From time to time I'm tempted to give in to frustration.

How do we resolve this? How do we live with the cold facts of life without denying reality or being overcome with despair? Couldn't God have created a world where nothing would ever go wrong???? Couldn't He have made a world where people would never have the abiltiy to make a bad choice or ever hurt another person???? Coudn't He have made a world where mosquitoes, weeds, and cancer would never exist. He could have - but He didn't.

The first and most basic answer to the problem of the existence of suffering is that it is the direct result of sin's entrance into the world. Many times our troubles may be merely the side-effects of living in a fallen world, through no direct fault of our own.

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