Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book: Broken Things

Broken Things: Why We Suffer

Taken from Broken Things: Why We Suffer by Dr. M.R. Dehaan
Emphasis added.
The greatest sermons I have ever heard were not preached from pulpits but from sickbeds. The greatest, deepest truths of God's Word have often been revealed not by those who preached as a result of their seminary preparation and education, but by those humble souls who have gone through the seminary of affliction and have learned exponentially the deep things of the ways of God.
The most cheerful people I have met, with few exceptions, have been those who had the least sunshine and the most pain and suffering in their lives. The most grateful people I have met were not those who traveled a pathway of roses all their lives through, but those who were confined, because of circumstances, to their homes, often to their beds, and had learned to depend upon God as only such Christians know how to do. The gripers are usually, I have observed, those who enjoy excellent health. The complainers are those who have the least to complain about, and those dear saints of God who have refreshed my heart again and again as they preached from sickbed-pulpits have been the men and women who have been the most cheerful and the most grateful for the blessings of almighty God.
How have you responded to the difficulties of life?  Have you become bitter or better?

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  1. Dr. Dehaan was one of my favorite radio preachers growing up. His raspy voice could be heard over the radio every Sunday morning. He was a medical Dr. turned preacher and the raspy voice was from preaching in auditoriums without sound systems. He would hammer home the consequences of sin, encourage you to walk with Jesus and leave you with that "blessed hope"!!! His grandson and name sake is the host of Day of Discovery.


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