Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adoption: Heaven's Gift

Empty Womb, Aching Heart: Hope and Help for Those Struggling With Infertility

I hesitated to add a link to this article because the outside world - those who haven't had trouble with infertility - thinks adoption is an easy cure-all.  I heard a friend say, "When people hear that we are struggling with infertility they ask if we have ever thought about adoption.  Like they are the first person to come up with that idea."  Adoption is not the perfect "bandaid" to heal the grief from infertility.  Grief occurs because there is death of a dream; the dream of holding and raising a biological child.

So I add this link with caution.  It is taken from the same book that I have been linking to for the past few posts -Empty Womb, Aching Heart: Hope and Help for Those Struggling with Infertility by Marlo Schalesky / Baker.

I pray that it will give you comfort and encouragement. 

Adoption:  Heaven's Gift
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