Sunday, May 30, 2010

Relationships with In-Laws

They are great while you are dating.  You love them while you are engaged.  They turn into monsters after you get married.  The Interrupted Expectation of your In-Laws -  Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Nieces and Nephews - in-law.

Okay, not every one's situation is this way (PTL) but so many of the girls that I talk to feel this way.  They dread holidays and family visits.  It becomes a fight every November to figure out how to work out the different family schedules. 

Whether you have a good or bad situation.  Whether you are the out-law or the in-law, the situation can always improve. 

Once again, Focus on the Family has complied a list of articles to help the In-Law Relationship.

Here is a list of the articles:

2.Myths and Realities of Extended Families
3.Getting Along With Your In-Laws
4.What if an In-Law Doesn't Accept Me?
5.What If an In-Law Tries to Run Our Lives?
6.Cutting Your Spouse's Apron Strings
7.Holidays and the In-Laws
8.Advice for an In-Law
9.Dr. Bill Maier on In-Laws
10.Next Steps / Related Information 

How is the relationship with your in-laws an Interrupted Expectation?  How have you made the situation better?

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