Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hands Closed

Shades of Morning: A Novel
I had a friend that I called "my open-hand friend."  The reason for this is because she was always reminding me to release my fingers and give to God.  Stop holding on so tightly to things that I couldn't control. 

Here is my final quote from the new book Shades of Morning (read my review):

Kinda hard to received something new when your hands are closed tight around something old.
How many times has God wanted to bless me but I couldn't let go of what I knew - no matter how painful it was?  Take just a moment.  With your hands tightly closed, think about that thing that you are refusing to let go of.  As you pray, ask God to take that issue.  Literally release your fingers and give it to Him.  With open fists receive the peace that only He can give.

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