Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: A Time to Embrace

A Time to Embrace (Timeless Love Series)

Karen Kingsbury has an amazing way of putting life's Interrupted Expectations into focus.  In her re-released book, A Time to Embrace (Timeless Love Series) I found myself healing from grief just a little more.  Even though it has been 10 years since my sister's death, I still struggle with the what-ifs, why, and pain that grief leaves.  But God uses books, life, the Bible, other people, and the Holy Spirit to slowly heal the hole in my heart.

Abby and John have just done the unthinkable in today's world - they have turned from divorce.  Everything was set and plans were made to make the divorce final but God stopped them at the very last moment.  Now, they are experiencing love and passion like never before.  But when Interrupted Expectations hit, life starts to unravel piece by piece.  Did God really bring them this far to loose it all again?

As the story unfolds, I find myself asking the exact questions that the characters in this story ask.  Answering them for me is the Holy Spirit.  This is a book that I highly recommend to anyone.  But, this is a book that needs to be read by those struggling with grief, pornography, death, paralysis, SIDS, anger at the unfair things that happen in life, divorce,  and trouble believing in prayer.  If you aren't dealing with one of these issues now, you either have or will. 

In the next few posts, I will be highlighting some of the places that God used to speak to me.  Until then, I encourage you to order or pick this book up from the library.

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for allowing me to review this book.

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