Monday, July 19, 2010

Is a Baby the Answer to Infertility?

Shades of Morning: A Novel

I had the privelege to review the brand new book Shades of Morning.  You can read my review at our sister site - Our Out-of-Sync Life.  This book provided me with some thought provoking sentences.  Maybe I am not struggling with the exact same things as the characters in this book, these are still comments that the Holy Spirit used in my life. 

Read this conversation between two characters.
 Here come the tough questions.  What are you struggling to surrender?  Are you looking at it as a gift from God?
"It's amazing how much infertility and being single are alike.  Change a few words and it's the same questions, the same comments, the same prying, know-it-all advice."
Marnie pointed to the stroller behind Kinna.  "Nice to have that all behind you, huh?"
Kinna gave her a long look.  "I'll tell you a secret.  A baby isn't the answer to infertility, just like a man isn't the answer to singleness."
"What is, then?"
Great, just what she needed.  A riddle.  She frowned.  "Surrender to what?"
"Grace.  Love."
"Love can hurt."
Kinna nodded.  "So can healing, but it's still a good thing." ... "You know what?  I've learned that God works in the barren years.  When He seems the most absent, that's when He's doing His most intimate work."  She ... tapped on her chest.  "In here, where no one else can see." 
"If you say so."
"Listen, honey.  if you future husband walked through that door right now, would it change who you are or who God has made you to be in all these years of being single?"  ...  "That's why we just take the gifts God gives as He gives them.  Infertility, singleness, or a boy named Emmit.  We do it because we surrender to love.  His love.  We accept it, even when it hurts."  ...  "Sometimes, God's love-gifts aren't what we want, but they're gifts all the same."

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