Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Time to Embrace Excerpt - God

A Time to Embrace (Timeless Love Series)

This conversation about God is taking from the re-released book A Time to Embrace (Timeless Love Series) by Karen Kingsbury. 
Tears nipped at the corners of her eyes and sorrow overwhelmed her.  Had she really thought she could get through life without a relationship with her Creator? A relationship so vital she'd build her life around it?  The answer resounded in her soul.  No, she could never have walked away from God forever.  She was merely mad at Him...
But God never promised life would be problem-free....  Never had to wrestle with the dichotomy of an all-loving, compassionate God who didn't stop terrible things from happening. 
And she lay there, she thought back over all the years, all her life, all the ways God had touched and blessed and moved.  He'd proven Himself over and over.  And His Word proved even more.  It told her the truth:  God promised peace amid pain, and He promised life everlasting.  Wasn't that more than anyone could hope for?  Especially since this life was so fleeting, so unpredictable.
Read more in A Time to Embrace (Timeless Love Series).

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