Saturday, February 5, 2011

Come Home...

I actually wrote this blog a few months ago but for some reason never posted it.  I guess the timing wasn't right until today.  I sit here grieving for a friend.  Actually a year older in school, a girl (who I will call Hannah) who I respected and enjoyed being in choir and show choir with.  Hannah was never anything but kind and encouraging to me. 

Life has taken us in different directions after graduations but God continues to cross our paths in different ways.  After Hannah announced her 4th pregnancy, everyone was excited to hear about the birth of their precious daughter (who I will call Grace).  Just a few days after her birth, they realized that Grace's heart wasn't quite formed correctly.  Immediately I was drawn to this baby and family in prayer.  Suddenly, Hannah and I were no longer just girls from the same hometown.  Now we were both moms to heart babies.  

On October 7th, Grace had open heart surgery.  Although it didn't go as well as they hoped, the surgeon was optimistic about the outcome.  The next day, things took a turn for the worse and Grace was placed in the arms of Jesus.  In an instant, Hannah joined a club that she never asked to be in.  The same club that I was forced into almost eleven years ago.  It's the group of people who place a child or young person in the arms of Jesus.

As my heart aches for this family, I find myself asking that forever question, "Why?".  I am surrounded by yet another family grieving because of the lose of a child.  In this case, a child who was only a few weeks old.  As I wrestle with this through prayer, God reminds me that none of this world is mine or under my control.  God can at any moment call one of us home. 

So, why did Grace only have a few short months?  Why did my sister only have 18 1/2 years?  Well, because their time on earth was done.  God said, "You have done what I have asked you to do.  Come home."

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  1. I just read this. Thank you! Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your encouragement through everything. Thank you for sharing your faith, grieving, etc. in this blog. It has been such an inspiration and a source of healing. Much love to you my sister in Christ and fellow club member. Special hugs to you this week.


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