Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Healthy Grieving #3 - Telephone Buddy

This is a continuation from the last blog on "10 Tips for Healthy Grieving" by Steve Arterburn.

A grieving person needs a telephone buddy. That person you can call when it hits real hard and you need to talk immediately. Hopefully you can call this person night or day.

I lost my daughter almost 11 years ago.  This weekend I had to clean her room.  She always hated me cleaning her room.  I just know she was yelling from heaven to not clean it.  Even after all of these years, the tears were flowing while doing this dreaful job.  I needed to talk to someone. Thankfully my telephone buddy was available.  This person may not be the same person from the start of the grieving process.   As your grief changes, this buddy may change. That is okay.  But, we will continue to need our telephone buddy for years to come.

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